Renting vs. Buying Mobility Scooters

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We’ll walk you through the factors to consider when making this decision.  

When to Rent a Mobility Scooter

You should rent a mobility scooter if you’re going on vacation or heading out of town for a short period of time, without bringing a scooter along. You should also consider renting a mobility scooter during recovery from a surgery, illness, injury, or even in later stages of pregnancy.  A rental can even be a good choice while your current scooter is being repaired.

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When to Buy a Mobility Scooter

You should invest in a mobility scooter if you’ll need to use one on a regular basis, since it would be both inconvenient and costly to spend money regularly renting different mobility scooters. Note that mobility scooters aren’t just a good idea for those who are unable to walk, they’re also important for those who find their ability to walk limited. If you’re wondering where to buy mobility scooters, Scooter Sales and Rentals is the place: we have several options for mobility scooters,  such as 3 and 4 wheeled models. Buying a mobility scooter lets you live your life on your terms.

Whether you decide to rent or buy, using a mobility scooter enables you to do more of what you want. You won’t have to depend on another person to bring you places, and mobility scooters help you easily navigate through walkways. They’re also allowed on almost all public transportation, if they meet certain criteria, across the United States.  Most importantly, they let you to do the things you enjoy, like visiting the park, shopping, and going out and about with friends and family.

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Benefits of Mobility Scooters

Easy to Use

Mobility scooters are easy to operate, and they don’t take a physical toll on your body.


 Because mobility scooters are easy to operate, they give you the freedom to move around without depending on somebody else. You can go to nearby parks, local shops, neighbors’ houses, and other places close to home thanks to your mobility scooter.

Access to Public Transportation

 Mobility scooters are allowed on almost any form of public transportation if they meet certain criteria. This is including buses and airplanes.  Many venues, such as stadiums and theme parks, accommodate mobility scooter rentals, too.  

Helping to prevent falling

 Since you’re seated while operating a scooter, you no longer have to rely on body strength or a walker to avoid falling.  Mobility scooters are more secure than other devices. 

Quick turnaround from injury

Using a mobility scooter helps your muscles heal faster.  This is because, while sitting, you’re not putting them through as much strain as they’d endure while walking.

We hope this page has helped you better understand where to buy mobility scooters and the benefits of renting vs. buying mobility scooters. 

If you’re ready to rent or buy, browse Scooter Sales and Rentals’ selection today.